The Night of Noise


On most nights our ears meet with little other than the click, click, click of the ceiling fan and an occasional call from Mr. Tokay. The village slows down early and the streets are quite all night until the roosters herald in the dawn. This has been true every night we’ve been here— one month [...] Read More

Time for Some Monkey Business

Monkey Forest

The road north out of Nyuh Kuning ends at a temple entrance and the Coffee & Copper café but if you look to the right you’ll see a hand written sign to Ubud and what could easily be mistaken for paved walking path. But, this is actually the scooter shortcut through the Sacred Monkey Forest providing Nyuh Kuning residents with quick access to town. I travel this route a couple times a day and in a future post will show more of the larger primate activity in Monkey Forest but for now some pics on what draws most people here: Macaques, lots of Macaques.

A Day at Green School

Green School

Yesterday we went to visit Green School, a K-12 school set in the forest of Bali. In their own words from their Mission: The vision of Green School is of a world in which a respect for our planet and its inhabitants comes naturally to all our graduates. We see a ripple effect of this [...] Read More

One Week

One Week

Salamat Seong from Bali. What a week! Maya and I arrived safely and surprisingly well rested and are settled into our new digs in Nyuh Kuning, a very small and beautiful village in the outskirts of Ubud, the center of Bali’s (urban) cultural scene. Below are some pictures of the place we are staying in [...] Read More

This Is It

Soon, Maya and I will be landing in Denpasar, Bali and submerging ourselves in a world of bamboo and birthing. Eleven weeks from now we’ll be returning to life on Berry Hill with Inkling, Martin, and springtime’s frog song. I hope to capture some of our adventure in the time between and after on these [...] Read More